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08-Jun-2018: ‘Poupées russes’, album by L.E.J
Released on Label: Universal Music Division Mercury Records.

L.E.J’s fourth album was released on the label Universal Music Division Mercury Records and is now available for streaming on Spotify. The album is is already quite popular among Last.FM users.

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Since L.E.J began making music in 2013 back in France, they have released four albums and nine singles. L.E.J’s previous album ‘Bruxelles’ from November 2016 was quite popular and well received. L.E.J’s most beloved tracks include La nuit, Acrobates and Summer 2016 – Medley / Extended.

Tracks on Poupées russes

  • Poupées russes
  • La nuit
  • Par ego – L.E.J and Sofiane
  • L’époux d’un soir
  • Acrobates
  • Le verbe
  • La marée
  • Le buzz
  • Dis Siri
  • Saine sainte n’y touche
  • Miss Monde
  • Épilogue

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Album cover for L.E.J's new album: Poupées russes
Album cover for L.E.J’s new album: Poupées russes