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22-Jun-2018: ‘New Blood’, album by Yellow Claw
Record Label: Barong Family.

Yellow Claw’s seventh album was released on Barong Family and is now on Spotify. The album has no rating on Last.FM, indicating it is not too popular or needs some time to get played.

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Since Yellow Claw began creating music in 2010 back in Amsterdam in Netherlands, they have released seven albums and thirty-four singles. Yellow Claw’s previous album ‘Amsterdam Trap Music (Special Japan Edition)’ from May 2018 was rarely played anywhere. Some of Yellow Claw’s best hits include DJ Turn It Up, In My Room (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Tyga) and Shotgun. Yellow Claw’s tracks often focus on the genres trap rap, brostep, edm and electro house,but some songs match other genres too.

Yellow Claw is a duo of Nizzle and Jim Aasgier.

List of tracks on New Blood

  • Lost on You – Yellow Claw and Phlake
  • Summertime – Yellow Claw and San Holo
  • Both of Us – Yellow Claw and STORi
  • Villain – Yellow Claw and Valentina
  • Crash This Party – Yellow Claw and Tabitha Nauser
  • Public Enemy – Yellow Claw and DJ Snake
  • Fake Chanel – Yellow Claw, A$AP Ferg and Creek Boyz
  • Attention – Yellow Claw, Chace and Kalibwoy
  • Bittersweet – Yellow Claw and Sofia Reyes
  • To the Max – Yellow Claw, MC Kekel, Lil Debbie, Bok Nero and MC Gustta
  • Down on Love – Yellow Claw, Moksi and Yade Lauren
  • I’ll Be Fine – Yellow Claw and Kelsey Gill
  • Waiting – Yellow Claw and Rochelle
  • Another Life – Yellow Claw and STORi

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Album cover for Yellow Claw's new album: New Blood
Album cover for Yellow Claw’s new album: New Blood