‘Expectations’ is a new album by Bebe Rexha

22-Jun-2018: ‘Expectations’, album by Bebe Rexha
Released on Label: Warner Bros..

Bebe Rexha’s fourth album was just released on label Warner Bros. and is now available for streaming on Spotify. The album is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it’s not too popular or it’s just too soon to tell.

This image depicts Bebe Rexha
Image of Bebe Rexha

Since Bebe Rexha began creating music she has released four albums and thirty-three singles. Bebe Rexha’s previous album ‘NOW That’s What I Call Summer Party 2018’ from June 2018 was not played very much on Spotify. Bebe Rexha is probably most known for her tracks I Got You, Meant to Be (feat. Florida Georgia Line) and I’m Gonna Show You Crazy. Bebe Rexha’s music focus on the genres pop music, dance pop, edm and pop,but some tunes match other genres as well.

Bebe Rexha was born in Brooklyn in August 1989. Bebe Rexha is known for working as songwriter and singer.

‘Expectations’ track list

  • Ferrari
  • I’m a Mess
  • 2 Souls on Fire (feat. Quavo) – Bebe Rexha and Quavo
  • Shining Star Explicit Lyrics
  • Knees
  • I Got You
  • Self Control
  • Sad
  • Mine
  • Steady (feat. Tory Lanez) – Bebe Rexha and Tory Lanez
  • Don’t Get Any Closer
  • Grace
  • Pillow
  • Meant to Be (feat. Florida Georgia Line) – Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line

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Album cover for Bebe Rexha's new album: Expectations
Album cover for Bebe Rexha’s new album: Expectations