Paul McCartney’s ‘Come On To Me’: Everything we know so far

20-Jun-2018: ‘Come On To Me’, single by Paul McCartney
Record Label: Capitol Records (US1A).

Paul McCartney’s zeroth single was just released on the label Capitol Records (US1A) and can now be streamed on Spotify. The single is already getting noticed by Last.FM users.

Even if you have never heard of Paul McCartney, we want you to know that Paul McCartney got 18 awards, including the Knight of the Legion of Honour, Member of the Order of the British Empire, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and MusiCares Person of the Year.

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Image of Paul McCartney

Since Paul McCartney began creating music he has released a truckload of albums (twenty-nine total). Paul McCartney’s previous album ‘NEW (Collector’s Edition)’ from January 2014 was reasonably popular. Paul McCartney is irreversibly associated with his tracks Maybe I’m Amazed, Live and Let Die and Dance Tonight. Paul McCartney’s music regularly gravitates around the genres rock music, album rock, art rock and classic rock,but some tunes fits other genres as well.

Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool in June 1942 and was educated at Liverpool Institute High School for Boys. Paul McCartney is known for working as singer, guitarist, composer, bassist, songwriter, singer-songwriter, painter, writer, pianist, film score composer and lyricist.

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