Listen to ‘Dream With Somebody’ by Tinlicker on Spotify

02-Jul-2018: ‘Dream With Somebody’, single by Tinlicker
Record Label: Armada Electronic Elements.

Tinlicker’s seventeenth single was released on label Armada Electronic Elements and is now available for streaming on Spotify. The single is not seeing a lot of plays by Last.FM users.

Album cover for Tinlicker's new single: Dream With Somebody
Album cover for Tinlicker’s new single: Dream With Somebody

Since Tinlicker began making music they have released a ton of albums (twenty-seven combined) and seventeen singles. Tinlicker’s previous album ‘Armada Invites Radio 215 (Incl. Husman Guest Mix)’ from July 2018 was barely played anywhere. Tinlicker is best known for the tracks Nothing Without You, Because You Move Me and Empty Skies – Original. Tinlicker is known to create their music in the progressive house genre.

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