The Well announce their 13th album Relationship Chronicles II

30-Jun-2018: ‘Relationship Chronicles II’, album by The Well
Record Label: The Well Music.

The thirteenth album by The Well is named ‘Relationship Chronicles II’ and was just released on label The Well Music and is now available on Spotify. The album is not seeing a lot of plays by Last.FM users.

Album cover for The Well's new album: Relationship Chronicles II
Album cover for The Well’s new album: Relationship Chronicles II

Since The Well began creating music they have released a bunch of albums (thirteen total) and three singles. The Well’s previous album ‘Worship At The Well, Vol. 2’ from June 2018 was quite popular and well received. Some of The Well’s most popular tracks include Holy Spirit, Hallelujah and No One Like You.

Track list for ‘Relationship Chronicles II’

  • Let It Go
  • Inside the Love
  • Love Like This
  • True Love
  • Love Unconditional
  • Spark
  • I Wish
  • I Won’t Regret
  • No Wet Suit
  • Ain’t No Question
  • My Everything – The Well and Aseelah Battles
  • Little Things
  • Let’s Be Honest
  • He Ain’t No Reason
  • For Better / For Worse
  • For All That I’ll Do Wrong
  • 90’s Made
  • Soul Searching

Listen now on Spotify