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13-Jul-2018: ‘Just Want You’, single by Sarah Reeves
Released on Label: Word Records.

Sarah Reeves’s eighth single was released on Word Records and is now available for streaming on Spotify. The single is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it’s not too popular or needs some time to get played.

Album cover for Sarah Reeves's new single: Just Want You
Album cover for Sarah Reeves’s new single: Just Want You

Since Sarah Reeves began making music she has released eight albums and eight singles. Sarah Reeves’s previous album ‘Easy Never Needed You’ from April 2018 was quite popular and well received. Sarah Reeves is well known for her tracks Come Save, Sweet Sweet Sound and Lamb Of God. Sarah Reeves’s releases mostly focus on the genres anthem worship, ccm, christian alternative rock and christian music,but some tunes match other genres as well.

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