Jarren Benton announce his 28th album Yuck Fou

27-Jul-2018: ‘Yuck Fou’, album by Jarren Benton
Record Label: Roc Nation Capitol.

The twenty-eighth album by Jarren Benton is named ‘Yuck Fou’ and was just released on label Roc Nation Capitol and is now available on Spotify. The album is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it is not all that popular (or just to soon to tell).

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Since Jarren Benton began creating music he has released a whole lot of albums (twenty-eight combined) and nineteen singles. Jarren Benton’s previous album ‘The Ride’ from June 2018 was mostly appreciated by hard-core fans. Jarren Benton’s most popular songs include Skitzo, Razor Blades & Steak Knives (Feat. Hemi) and Life In The Jungle. Jarren Benton’s previous releases has gravitated around deep underground hip hop, indie pop rap and underground hip hop.

Jarren Benton was born in Decatur in October 1981. Jarren Benton is known for working as rapper.

List of tracks on Yuck Fou

  • Yuck Fou (Skit) Explicit Lyrics
  • Collide Explicit LyricsJarren Benton and Evans Desir
  • Money Bag Explicit LyricsJarren Benton and Jay Park
  • Godzilla Explicit LyricsJarren Benton, B.o.B and Oba Rowland
  • Don’t Need You Explicit LyricsJarren Benton and Hopsin
  • The Shooter Explicit LyricsJarren Benton and WHATEVER WE ARE
  • Chewbacca Explicit Lyrics
  • Out The Mud Explicit Lyrics
  • How I Feel Explicit LyricsJarren Benton and Ralph Weah
  • Just Like You Explicit Lyrics

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Album cover for Jarren Benton's new album: Yuck Fou
Album cover for Jarren Benton’s new album: Yuck Fou