DROELOE’s ‘Looking Back’: What we know so far

27-Jul-2018: ‘Looking Back’, single by DROELOE
Released on Label: bitbird.

DROELOE’s twenty-sixth single was released on bitbird and can be streamed on Spotify. The single has no rating on Last.FM, indicating it’s not too popular or it’s just too soon to tell.

Since DROELOE began making music they have released two albums and twenty-six singles. DROELOE’s first album ‘Gouldian Finch #02’ from October 2017 was rarely played anywhere. DROELOE is probably best known for the tracks Sunburn, Many Words and Lines of the Broken. DROELOE’s releases regularly gravitates around the genres bass trap, brostep, edm and electronic trap,but some tunes fits other genres as well.

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