Steve Aoki’s new single is out on Spotify

20-Jul-2018: ‘Lie To Me’, single by Steve Aoki
Label: Ultra Records, LLC.

Steve Aoki’s fourteenth single was just released on the label Ultra Records, LLC and is now available on Spotify. The single has no rating on Last.FM, indicating it is not too popular (or just to soon to tell).

This image depicts Steve Aoki
Image of Steve Aoki

Since Steve Aoki began creating music he has released a whole lot of albums (twenty-two combined) and fourteen singles. Steve Aoki’s previous album ‘Just Hold On (Remixes)’ from March 2017 was saw some success. Steve Aoki’s most beloved tracks include Just Hold On, Boneless and Delirious (Boneless). Steve Aoki’s music mostly focus on the genres big room, dance pop, edm and electro house,but some tunes match other genres too.

Steve Aoki was born in Miami in November 1977 and was educated at University of California, Santa Barbara. Steve Aoki is known for working as club DJ and disc jockey.

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Album cover for Steve Aoki's new single: Lie To Me
Album cover for Steve Aoki’s new single: Lie To Me