Jesus Culture release Not Afraid (Live)

01-Aug-2018: ‘Not Afraid (Live)’, single by Jesus Culture
Label: Jesus Culture.

The eleventh single by Jesus Culture is named ‘Not Afraid (Live)’ and was just released on label Jesus Culture and is now available on Spotify. While the single is getting some plays on Last.FM, it has not yet taken of big time.

Since Jesus Culture began making music in 1999 they have released a truckload of albums (seventeen total) and eleven singles. Jesus Culture’s previous album ‘Love Has A Name (Live)’ from August 2017 was quite popular and well received. Jesus Culture’s most liked tracks include Revelation Song, Your Love Never Fails and Burning Ones. Jesus Culture’s tracks mostly focus on the genres anthem worship, ccm, christian music and deep ccm,but some tunes match other genres as well.

Jesus Culture is a duo of Chris McClarney and Banning Liebscher. Jesus Culture collaborates with Melissa How, Chris Quilala and Kim Walker-Smith.

Jesus Culture will perform live at these events

Oct 06, 2018

Jesus Culture will be performing at Paramount Theatre

Oct 28, 2018

Jesus Culture will be performing at Orpheum Theatre

Oct 27, 2018

Jesus Culture will be performing at Tower Theater presented by Cricket Wireless

Oct 26, 2018

Jesus Culture will be performing at The Modell Lyric