Lali’s new album is on Spotify

10-Aug-2018: ‘Brava’, album by Lali
Released on Label: Ariola.

Lali’s twelfth album was released on label Ariola and can be streamed on Spotify. The album is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it is not all that popular (or just to soon to tell).

Since Lali began creating music they have released a whole lot of albums (twelve combined) and sixteen singles. Lali’s previous album ‘Shark in a Fish Tank’ from August 2018 was mostly appreciated by hard-core fans. Some of Lali’s best tracks include Histeria, Soy and Tu Novia. Lali is known to stick to the cumbia pop genre.

‘Brava’ track list

  • OMG!
  • Tu Novia
  • Besarte Mucho
  • Somos Amantes
  • Salvaje (feat. Abraham Mateo) – Lali and Abraham Mateo
  • 100 Grados (feat. A.CHAL) – Lali and A.CHAL
  • Caliente (feat. Pabllo Vittar) – Lali and Pabllo Vittar
  • Una Na
  • Vuelve a Mi
  • Sin Querer Queriendo (feat. Mau y Ricky) – Lali and Mau y Ricky
  • Mi Última Canción (feat. Reik) – Lali and Reik
  • Tu Sonrisa

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