‘Rabbit Hearted.’ released by chloe moriondo

31-Jul-2018: ‘Rabbit Hearted.’, album by chloe moriondo
Record Label: chloe moriondo.

‘Rabbit Hearted.’ is the name of the new (and first) album by chloe moriondo. The album has already gained some popularity among Last.FM users.

Album cover for chloe moriondo's new album: Rabbit Hearted.
Album cover for chloe moriondo’s new album: Rabbit Hearted.

Since chloe moriondo began making music they have released just one album. chloe moriondo’s most shared hits include Waves, Silly Girl and Small.

Track list for ‘Rabbit Hearted.’

  • Waves
  • Stagnant
  • Spaceland
  • Small
  • Luv Note
  • Silly Girl
  • Road Trip
  • Exhausted
  • Little Moth
  • Dream About U

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