The new release ‘Shooter’ by Shooter Jennings is now on Spotify

10-Aug-2018: ‘Shooter’, album by Shooter Jennings
Record Label: Low Country Sound/Elektra.

The seventeenth album by Shooter Jennings is named ‘Shooter’ and was just released on label Low Country Sound/Elektra and is now available on Spotify. The album is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it is not too popular (or just to soon to tell).

Album cover for Shooter Jennings's new album: Shooter
Album cover for Shooter Jennings’s new album: Shooter

Since Shooter Jennings began making music he has released a ton of albums (seventeen total) and twenty-three singles. Shooter Jennings’s previous album ‘Waylon & Willie 2’ from March 2018 was quite popular and well received. Shooter Jennings is forever associated with his tracks I’m a Long Way from Home, Walk Of Life and 4th Of July. Shooter Jennings’s music usually focus on the genres outlaw country, southern rock, texas country and traditional country,but some songs match other genres too.

Shooter Jennings was born in Nashville in May 1979. Shooter Jennings is known for working as actor, musician, singer, songwriter and record producer.

Track list for ‘Shooter’

  • Bound Ta Git Down
  • Do You Love Texas?
  • Living In A Minor Key
  • D.R.U.N.K.
  • Shades & Hues
  • I’m Wild & My Woman Is Crazy
  • Fast Horses & Good Hideouts
  • Rhinestone Eyes
  • Denim & Diamonds

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photo of Shooter Jennings
Shooter Jennings