The new release ‘Bloom’ by Anki Lindqvist is now on Spotify

24-Aug-2018: ‘Bloom’, album by Anki Lindqvist
Record Label: Enhanced Recordings.

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The third album by Anki Lindqvist is named ‘Bloom’ and was just released on label Enhanced Recordings and is now available on Spotify. The album is not seeing a lot of plays by Last.FM users.

This image depicts Anki Lindqvist
Image of Anki Lindqvist

Since Anki Lindqvist began creating music she has released three albums and sixteen singles. Anki Lindqvist’s previous album ‘Reimagined’ from March 2018 was reasonably popular. Some of Anki Lindqvist’s most popular tunes include Interlude; 22, Ignite and Circadian.

Anki Lindqvist was born in Helsinki in September 1945. Anki Lindqvist is known for being a musician, television director and television producer.

Tracks on Bloom

  • Our Escape – Anki and Mouse
  • My Head – Anki and Listing
  • Stride
  • Down The Line – Anki and Trove
  • Above – Anki and Indigou
  • Lost
  • Interlude; Distant
  • Just A Game – Anki and HICARI
  • No More Promises – Anki and Miles Away
  • Brand New – Anki and Vini
  • For Infinity
  • No One Knows

Play the album now on Spotify

Album cover for Anki Lindqvist's new album: Bloom
Album cover for Anki Lindqvist’s new album: Bloom