Amos Lee’s ‘Crooked’: This is we know so far

24-Aug-2018: ‘Crooked’, single by Amos Lee
Label: Dualtone Music Group, Inc..


Amos Lee’s thirteenth single was released on the label Dualtone Music Group, Inc. and can now be streamed on Spotify. The single has no rating on Last.FM, indicating it’s not too popular or needs some time to get played.

This image depicts Amos Lee
Image of Amos Lee

Since Amos Lee began making music he has released a plethora of albums (sixteen combined) and thirteen singles. Amos Lee’s previous album ‘Land Ho!’ from July 2015 was saw some success. Amos Lee is well known for his tracks Colors, Arms Of A Woman and Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight.

Amos Lee was born in Philadelphia in 1978 and was educated at University of South Carolina. Amos Lee is known for working as a singer-songwriter, guitarist and composer. HeAmos Lee has a good amount of followers on Twitter, currently topping out at 45,273.

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Album cover for Amos Lee's new single: Crooked
Album cover for Amos Lee’s new single: Crooked

Just for fun, we analysed the top tags Amos Lee has been using on twitter the most.

Top tags on twitter by Amos Lee
Top tags on twitter by Amos Lee