Enjoy ‘Love Me Ole (feat. Kris Kasanova)’ by MAJOR. on Spotify

24-Aug-2018: ‘Love Me Ole (feat. Kris Kasanova)’, single by MAJOR.
Record Label: BOE Music Group / EMPIRE.

MAJOR.’s eighth single was released on the label BOE Music Group / EMPIRE and can be found on Spotify. The single is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it is not all that popular or it is too close to its release date.

Album cover for MAJOR.'s new single: Love Me Ole (feat. Kris Kasanova)
Album cover for MAJOR.’s new single: Love Me Ole (feat. Kris Kasanova)

Since MAJOR. began making music he has released two albums and eight singles. MAJOR.’s first album ‘I Am MAJOR.’ from July 2016 was quite popular and well received. MAJOR.’s top rated hits include Why I Love You, Better With You in It and Honest.

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