New album out by Gabriel Kahane: Book of Travelers

24-Aug-2018: ‘Book of Travelers’, album by Gabriel Kahane
Released on Label: Nonesuch.

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Gabriel Kahane’s fifteenth album was released on label Nonesuch and can be found on Spotify. The album is not yet on Last.FM, indicating it is not too popular or it is too close to its release date.

Album cover for Gabriel Kahane's new album: Book of Travelers
Album cover for Gabriel Kahane’s new album: Book of Travelers

Since Gabriel Kahane began making music he has released a whole lot of albums (fifteen total) and six singles. Gabriel Kahane’s previous album ‘final answer’ from February 2018 was not played very much on Spotify. Gabriel Kahane is probably most known for his tracks Black Garden (2673 Dundee Pl.), Mutilation Rag and Veda (1 Pierce Dr.).

Gabriel Kahane graduated from Brown University. Gabriel Kahane is known for working as a singer-songwriter and composer.

Tracks on Book of Travelers

  • November
  • Baltimore
  • Model Trains
  • Baedeker
  • Friends of Friends of Bill
  • 8980
  • Little Love
  • What If I Told You
  • October 1, 1939
  • Port of Hamburg
  • Singing with a Stranger

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photo of Gabriel Kahane
Gabriel Kahane