Jonathan McReynolds’s new album is out on Spotify

07-Sep-2018: ‘Make More Room’, album by Jonathan McReynolds
Label: eOne Music.

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The fourth album by Jonathan McReynolds is named ‘Make More Room’ and was just released on label eOne Music and is now available on Spotify. The album is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it’s not too popular or it’s just too soon to tell.

Since Jonathan McReynolds began creating music he has released four albums and ten singles. Jonathan McReynolds’s previous album ‘Make Room’ from March 2018 was quite popular and well received. Jonathan McReynolds’s most loved tunes include I Love You, No Gray and Gotta Have You.

Jonathan McReynolds was born in Chicago in September 1989. Jonathan McReynolds is known for working as a songwriter. He has a decent amount of Twitter followers, currently numbering 56,640.

‘Make More Room’ track list

  • Excited
  • Life Room Anthem (feat. Dee-1) – Jonathan McReynolds and Dee-1
  • Great Is The Lord (feat. Tonya Baker & Corey Barksdale) – Jonathan McReynolds, Tonya Baker and Corey Barksdale
  • Cycles (feat. DOE) – Jonathan McReynolds and D.O.E.
  • L.R.F. (Rollercoasters)
  • Comparison Kills
  • Graduate (feat. The Hamiltones) – Jonathan McReynolds and The HamilTones
  • Better
  • L.R.F. (Keep On Doin’ Better) (feat. Darrel Walls, Alic Walls, & Latice Crawford) – Jonathan McReynolds, Darrel Walls, Alic Walls and Latice Crawford
  • Try
  • Not Lucky, I’m Loved
  • Make Room
  • L.R.F. (Move That Over) (feat. Travis Greene, Anthony Brown, and Brian Courtney Wilson) – Jonathan McReynolds, Travis Greene, Anthony Brown and Brian Courtney Wilson
  • Lover Of My Soul
  • Smile (Life Room) (feat. Grashovia “Grandy” Wilson) – Jonathan McReynolds and Grashovia “Grandy” Wilson
  • God Is Good

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