New album released by Laurel: DOGVIOLET

24-Aug-2018: ‘DOGVIOLET’, album by Laurel
Record Label: Counter Records.

Southern Rockindiemetalcorehardcorefemale vocalists

Laurel’s third album was released on label Counter Records and can be streamed on Spotify. While the album is getting some plays on Last.FM, it has not yet taken of big time.

Album cover for Laurel's new album: DOGVIOLET
Album cover for Laurel’s new album: DOGVIOLET

Since Laurel began making music she has released three albums and twenty-one singles. Laurel’s previous album ‘Buddha Bar Beach – Mykonos (by FG)’ from July 2015 was modestly popular. Some of Laurel’s top tunes include To The Hills, Shells and Blue Blood.

Track list for ‘DOGVIOLET’

  • Life Worth Living
  • All Star Explicit Lyrics
  • Same Mistakes
  • South Coast
  • Hold Tight
  • Adored Explicit Lyrics
  • Sun King
  • Crave
  • Lovesick
  • Take It Back
  • Empty Kisses
  • Recover

Spotify: Play DOGVIOLET now