Thom Yorke release Suspirium

04-Sep-2018: ‘Suspirium’, single by Thom Yorke
Record Label: XL Recordings.


Thom Yorke’s twelfth single was just released on label XL Recordings and is now on Spotify. The single has already gained some popularity among Last.FM users.

This image depicts Thom Yorke
Image of Thom Yorke

Since Thom Yorke began making music he has released three albums and twelve singles. Thom Yorke’s previous album ‘The Eraser Rmxs’ from 2008 was quite popular and well received. Thom Yorke is mostly associated with his tracks Black Swan, The Eraser and Harrowdown Hill.

Thom Yorke was born in England in October 1968 and was educated at University of Exeter. Thom Yorke is known for working as a guitarist, singer and composer. He has 1,022,385 followers on Twitter, a big amount that speaks to his popularity.

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Album cover for Thom Yorke's new single: Suspirium
Album cover for Thom Yorke’s new single: Suspirium