New single released by MAJOR.: Love Crazy (feat. Andre Troutman)

31-Aug-2018: ‘Love Crazy (feat. Andre Troutman)’, single by MAJOR.
Label: BOE Music Group / EMPIRE.

MAJOR.’s ninth single was just released on label BOE Music Group / EMPIRE and is now available on Spotify. The single is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it is not all that popular or it’s just too soon to tell.

Album cover for MAJOR.'s new single: Love Crazy (feat. Andre Troutman)
Album cover for MAJOR.’s new single: Love Crazy (feat. Andre Troutman)

Since MAJOR. began creating music he has released two albums and nine singles. MAJOR.’s first album ‘I Am MAJOR.’ from July 2016 was quite popular and well received. MAJOR. is probably most known for his tracks Why I Love You, Better With You in It and Honest.

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