Jauz’s ‘The Wise and The Wicked’: What we know so far

31-Aug-2018: ‘The Wise and The Wicked’, album by Jauz
Label: Bite This!.

Jauz’s second album was just released on label Bite This! and is now available on Spotify. The album is not yet on Last.FM, indicating it’s not too popular (or just to soon to tell).

Since Jauz began creating music he has released two albums and forty singles. Jauz’s first album ‘Off The Deep End Volume One’ from November 2017 was quite popular and well received. Jauz is mostly associated with his tracks One Kiss (with Dua Lipa) – Jauz Remix, Gassed Up and Magic.

Jauz was born in Los Angeles in September 1993. Jauz is known for being a disc jockey. He has quite a following with now 200603 on Twitter.

‘The Wise and The Wicked’ track list

  • Prologue: The Wise and The Wicked – Jauz and Madsonik
  • Babylon – Jauz and Tisoki
  • In The Zone Explicit LyricsJauz and Example
  • Chapter 1: Discovery [The Wise]
  • Diamonds – Jauz and Kiiara
  • Eager – Jauz and fabrice
  • Soldier Explicit LyricsJauz and Krewella
  • Chapter 2: Wicked Nature [The Wicked]
  • Motherfuckers Explicit LyricsJauz and Snails
  • Acid or Techno
  • Get Widdit – Jauz, XX92 and Bru – C
  • Chapter 3: The Search For Meaning [The Wise]
  • Frequency Explicit LyricsJauz, Adventure Club and Kyle Pavone
  • Rave With Me – Jauz and Ducky
  • Fade Explicit LyricsJauz and Mike Waters
  • Chapter 4: Becoming United [The United]
  • Gassed Up – Jauz and DJ Snake
  • Velvet Paradise – Jauz and FIRST
  • On Fire – Jauz and HYPRESSION
  • Keep The Rave Alive – Jauz and Lazer Lazer Lazer
  • Say Never – Jauz and Gerald Le Funk
  • Back Again – Jauz and Holy Goof
  • Super Fly – Jauz and 666

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