Out on Spotify: ‘Just Enough’ by Mija

14-Sep-2018: ‘Just Enough’, single by Mija
Released on Label: never_b_alone.mp3.

The fifteenth single by Mija is named ‘Just Enough’ and was just released on label never_b_alone.mp3 and is now available on Spotify. The single is not yet on Last.FM, indicating it’s not all that popular or it is too close to its release date.

Album cover for Mija's new single: Just Enough
Album cover for Mija’s new single: Just Enough

Since Mija began making music she has released just one album and fifteen singles. Mija is mostly associated with her tracks Better, Crank It (feat. Lil’ Jon) and Middle (feat. Bipolar Sunshine) – Mija Remix.

‘Just Enough’ track list

  • I Hope to Cure Myself of You
  • Dead Flowers & Cigarettes

Mija will be performing live at these locations

Oct 04, 2018

Mija will be performing at HIFI Club

Oct 05, 2018

Mija will be performing at The Chvrch Of John

Oct 06, 2018

Mija will be performing at MIA Nightclub

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Just for fun, we analysed the top tags Mija has been using on twitter the most.

Top tags on twitter by Mija
Top tags on twitter by Mija