New release ’13 Rivers’ by Richard Thompson is now on Spotify

14-Sep-2018: ’13 Rivers’, album by Richard Thompson
Label: New West Records.

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Richard Thompson’s forty-second album was released on New West Records and can now be streamed on Spotify. The album is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it is not too popular or needs some time to get played.

Even if you have never heard of Richard Thompson, we want you to know that Richard Thompson has won the Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

Album cover for Richard Thompson's new album: 13 Rivers
Album cover for Richard Thompson’s new album: 13 Rivers

Since Richard Thompson began creating music he has released a plethora of albums (forty-two in total). Richard Thompson’s previous album ‘Live at Rockpalast’ from November 2017 was rarely played anywhere. Richard Thompson is best known for his tracks 1952 Vincent Black Lightning, Dad’s Gonna Kill Me and Beeswing.

Richard Thompson was born in London in April 1949 and was educated at William Ellis School. Richard Thompson is known for working as a guitarist, mandolinist and songwriter. He has a good amount of followers on Twitter, currently topping out at 10,960.

Tracks on 13 Rivers

  • The Storm Won’t Come
  • The Rattle Within
  • Her Love Was Meant For Me
  • Bones Of Gilead
  • The Dog In You
  • Trying
  • Do All These Tears Belong To You?
  • My Rock, My Rope
  • You Can’t Reach Me
  • O Cinderella
  • No Matter
  • Pride
  • Shaking The Gates

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photo of Richard Thompson
Richard Thompson