The 6th single ‘One More Time (feat. Stacy Barthe)’, by The Chemistri is out

21-Sep-2018: ‘One More Time (feat. Stacy Barthe)’, single by The Chemistri
Released on Label: Siri Music Group.

The sixth single by The Chemistri is named ‘One More Time (feat. Stacy Barthe)’ and was just released on label Siri Music Group and is now available on Spotify. The single has no rating on Last.FM, indicating it’s not too popular or it is too close to its release date.

Album cover for The Chemistri's new single: One More Time (feat. Stacy Barthe)
Album cover for The Chemistri’s new single: One More Time (feat. Stacy Barthe)

Since The Chemistri began creating music they have released six singles. The Chemistri’s most popular tracks include Still Be Me (Acoustic Version) – Acoustic, Still Be Me and shallowman – chemistri groove mix.

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