Juicy J announce his 28th single Neighbor (feat. Travis Scott)

26-Sep-2018: ‘Neighbor (feat. Travis Scott)’, single by Juicy J
Released on Label: Columbia.

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The twenty-eighth single by Juicy J is titled ‘Neighbor (feat. Travis Scott)’ and was just released on label Columbia and is now available on Spotify. The single has already gained some popularity among Last.FM users.

Juicy J is said to be inspired by Three 6 Mafia.

This photo depicts Juicy J
Image of Juicy J

Since Juicy J began making music he has released a ton of albums (eleven in total) and twenty-eight singles. Juicy J’s previous album ‘Taylor Gang Forever’ from September 2016 was saw some success. Juicy J is mostly associated with his tracks Dynamite (Street), Dynamite (Clean) and Bandz a Make Her Dance.

Juicy J was born in Memphis in April 1975. Juicy J is known for working as a rapper, record producer and songwriter. He has 2,595,761 followers on Twitter, an impressive number that speaks to his popularity.

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Album cover for Juicy J's new single: Neighbor (feat. Travis Scott)
Album cover for Juicy J’s new single: Neighbor (feat. Travis Scott)