Sharon Van Etten release new single named ‘Comeback Kid’

02-Oct-2018: ‘Comeback Kid’, single by Sharon Van Etten
Record Label: Jagjaguwar.

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Sharon Van Etten’s twenty-seventh single was just released on label Jagjaguwar and can be found on Spotify. The single is growing in popularity among Last.FM users.

This image depicts Sharon Van Etten
Image of Sharon Van Etten

Since Sharon Van Etten began making music she has released six albums and twenty-seven singles. Sharon Van Etten’s previous album ‘Are We There’ from December 2015 was reasonably popular. Sharon Van Etten is probably most known for her tracks Every Time the Sun Comes Up, Serpents and Our Love.

Sharon Van Etten was born in New Jersey in February 1981. Sharon Van Etten is known for being a singer, composer and singer-songwriter. She has a decent amount of Twitter followers, currently numbering 52,116.

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Album cover for Sharon Van Etten's new single: Comeback Kid
Album cover for Sharon Van Etten’s new single: Comeback Kid