Now on Spotify: ‘TURN OFF THE LIGHT, VOL. 1’ by Kim Petras

01-Oct-2018: ‘TURN OFF THE LIGHT, VOL. 1’, album by Kim Petras
Label: BunHead.

The first album by Kim Petras is titled ‘TURN OFF THE LIGHT, VOL. 1’ and was just released on label BunHead and is now available on Spotify. The album is is already quite popular among Last.FM users.

This image depicts Kim Petras
Image of Kim Petras

Since Kim Petras began creating music she has released just one album and eleven singles. Kim Petras is well known for her tracks Heart to Break, I Don’t Want It At All and All the Time.

Kim Petras was born in Cologne in August 1992. Kim Petras is known for being a singer and model.

‘TURN OFF THE LIGHT, VOL. 1’ track list

  • o m e n
  • Close Your Eyes
  • TRANSylvania
  • Turn Off The Light (feat. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark) – Kim Petras and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
  • Tell Me It’s A Nightmare
  • i don’t wanna die…
  • In The Next Life
  • Boo! Bitch! Explicit Lyrics

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Album cover for Kim Petras's new album: TURN OFF THE LIGHT, VOL. 1
Album cover for Kim Petras’s new album: TURN OFF THE LIGHT, VOL. 1