New single out by Tommie Sunshine: Save the Rave

05-Oct-2018: ‘Save the Rave’, single by Tommie Sunshine
Released on Label: Brooklyn Fire.

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Tommie Sunshine’s forty-second single was just released on the label Brooklyn Fire and is now available for streaming on Spotify. The single is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it’s not too popular or it’s just too soon to tell.

Since Tommie Sunshine began creating music he has released four albums and forty-two singles. Tommie Sunshine’s previous album ‘Relax, This Wont Hurt’ from 2008 was saw some success. Tommie Sunshine is irreversibly associated with his tracks Take It Up Again (Stef Kalloo, Flush, Kahtana) [feat. Flush & Kahtana], Dance 2 Your Heartbeat and Can’t Get Enough – Radio Edit.

Tommie Sunshine is known for working as a songwriter and record producer.

Tracks on Save the Rave

  • Save the Rave – Tommie Sunshine, MureKian and Sabrina Signs
  • Save the Rave – Raito Remix – Tommie Sunshine, MureKian, Sabrina Signs and Raito

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Just for fun, we analysed the top tags Tommie Sunshine has been using on twitter the most.

Top tags on twitter by Tommie Sunshine
Top tags on twitter by Tommie Sunshine