The 1st album ‘Ella Mai’, by Ella Mai just out

12-Oct-2018: ‘Ella Mai’, album by Ella Mai
Record Label: 10 Summers / Interscope PS.

The first album by Ella Mai is titled ‘Ella Mai’ and was just released on label 10 Summers / Interscope PS and is now available on Spotify. The album is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it’s not too popular or it’s just too soon to tell.

This image depicts Ella Mai
Image of Ella Mai

Since Ella Mai began making music she has released just one album and ten singles. Ella Mai is probably most known for her tracks Trip, Boo’d Up and She Don’t (feat. Ty Dolla $Ign).

Ella Mai was born in London in November 1994. Ella Mai is known for working as a singer-songwriter, musician and celebrity. She has quite a following with now 258841 on Twitter.

List of tracks on Ella Mai

  • Emotion
  • Good Bad Explicit Lyrics
  • Dangerous
  • Sauce Explicit Lyrics
  • Whatchamacallit (feat. Chris Brown) Explicit LyricsElla Mai and Chris Brown
  • Cheap Shot
  • Shot Clock Explicit Lyrics
  • Boo’d Up
  • Everything (feat. John Legend) – Ella Mai and John Legend
  • Own It Explicit Lyrics
  • Run My Mouth Explicit Lyrics
  • Gut Feeling (feat. H.E.R.) Explicit LyricsElla Mai and H.E.R.
  • Trip
  • Close
  • Easy
  • Naked – Bonus Track Explicit Lyrics

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Album cover for Ella Mai's new album: Ella Mai
Album cover for Ella Mai’s new album: Ella Mai