‘Suncity’ released by Khalid

19-Oct-2018: ‘Suncity’, album by Khalid
Record Label: Right Hand Music Group, LLC/RCA Records.

Khalid’s third album was released on the label Right Hand Music Group, LLC/RCA Records and can be found on Spotify. The album is not yet on Last.FM, indicating it is not too popular or it’s just too soon to tell.

This image depicts Khalid
Image of Khalid

Since Khalid began making music he has released three albums and thirty-seven singles. Khalid’s previous album ‘American Teen (Japan Version)’ from January 2018 was reasonably popular. Some of Khalid’s most popular tunes include Eastside (with Halsey & Khalid), Better and Ocean (feat. Khalid).

Khalid was born in Fort Stewart in February 1998. Khalid is known for being a singer-songwriter. He has 2,370,877 followers on Twitter, an impressive amount that speaks to his popularity.

Track list for ‘Suncity’

  • 9.13
  • Vertigo
  • Saturday Nights
  • Salem’s Interlude Explicit Lyrics
  • Motion
  • Better Explicit Lyrics
  • Suncity (feat. Empress Of) – Khalid and Empress Of

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Album cover for Khalid's new album: Suncity
Album cover for Khalid’s new album: Suncity