New release ‘Darker Days’ by Peter Bjorn and John is now on Spotify

19-Oct-2018: ‘Darker Days’, album by Peter Bjorn and John
Released on Label: INGRID.

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Peter Bjorn and John’s fourteenth album was just released on INGRID and is now available on Spotify. The album is not yet on Last.FM, indicating it’s not all that popular (or just to soon to tell).

This photo depicts Peter Bjorn and John
Image of Peter Bjorn and John

Since Peter Bjorn and John began creating music in 1999 they have released a ton of albums (fourteen combined) and sixteen singles. Peter Bjorn and John’s previous album ‘Breakin’ Point Deluxe Edition’ from March 2017 was modestly popular. Peter Bjorn and John’s most popular hits include Young Folks, Amsterdam and Objects Of My Affection.

Peter Bjorn and John consists of Peter Morén, John Eriksson and Björn Yttling. Peter Bjorn and John has a decent amount of Twitter followers, currently numbering 61,714.

List of tracks on Darker Days

  • Longer Nights (Intro)
  • One for the Team
  • Every Other Night
  • Gut Feeling
  • Living a Dream
  • Velvet Sky
  • Wrapped Around the Axle
  • Dark Ages
  • Sick and Tired
  • Silicon Valley Blues
  • Heaven and Hell

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Album cover for Peter Bjorn and John's new album: Darker Days
Album cover for Peter Bjorn and John’s new album: Darker Days