Bring Me the Horizon announce their 13th single wonderful life (feat. Dani Filth)

21-Oct-2018: ‘wonderful life (feat. Dani Filth)’, single by Bring Me the Horizon
Released on Label: RCA Records Label.


Bring Me the Horizon’s thirteenth single was released on label RCA Records Label and can be found on Spotify. The single is is already quite popular among Last.FM users.

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Image of Bring Me the Horizon

Since Bring Me the Horizon began making music in 2004 back in Sheffield in United Kingdom, they have released a ton of albums (fourteen in total) and thirteen singles. Bring Me the Horizon’s previous album ‘That’s The Spirit’ from September 2015 was a very popular album that was universally loved. Bring Me the Horizon’s most popular tunes include Pray for Plagues, It Never Ends and Chelsea Smile.

Bring Me the Horizon consists of Matt Nicholls, Lee Malia, Oliver Sykes, Matt Kean and Jordan Fish. Bring Me the Horizon has 1,912,284 followers on Twitter, an impressive number that speaks to theirBring Me the Horizon’s popularity.

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Spotify: Play wonderful life (feat. Dani Filth) now

Album cover for Bring Me the Horizon's new single: wonderful life (feat. Dani Filth)
Album cover for Bring Me the Horizon’s new single: wonderful life (feat. Dani Filth)