Phony Ppl’s ‘mō’zā-ik.’: This is everything we know so far

28-Sep-2018: ‘mō’zā-ik.’, album by Phony Ppl
Released on Label: 300 Entertainment.

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Phony Ppl’s second album was released on label 300 Entertainment and can be streamed on Spotify. The album is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it’s not too popular or it’s just too soon to tell.

Since Phony Ppl began creating music they have released two albums and five singles. Phony Ppl’s first album ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow’ from January 2015 was a quite popular album, universally loved. Phony Ppl is forever associated with the tracks Why iii Love The Moon., Somehow. and End of the Night..

Phony Ppl has a good amount of followers on Twitter, currently topping out at 14,441.

Track list for ‘mō’zā-ik.’

  • Way Too Far.
  • Once You Say Hello.
  • somethinG about your love.
  • Cookie Crumble.
  • the Colours.
  • One Man Band.
  • Think You’re Mine.
  • Move Her Mind.
  • Before You Get a Boyfriend.
  • Either Way.
  • on everythinG iii love.

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