‘Wake The Sleeping Dragon!’ is a new album by Sick of It All

02-Nov-2018: ‘Wake The Sleeping Dragon!’, album by Sick of It All
Record Label: Century Media.

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Sick of It All’s fifteenth album was released on Century Media and can be streamed on Spotify. The album is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it is not too popular or needs some time to get played.

Album cover for Sick of It All's new album: Wake The Sleeping Dragon!
Album cover for Sick of It All’s new album: Wake The Sleeping Dragon!

Since Sick of It All began creating music in 1986 back in New York City in United States of America, they have released a pile of albums (fifteen total) and five singles. Sick of It All’s previous album ‘Last Act of Defiance’ from September 2014 was quite popular and well received. Sick of It All is well known for the tracks Step Down, Built To Last and Scratch The Surface.

Sick of It All consists of Craig Setari, Armand Majidi, Pete Koller and Lou Koller. Sick of It All has a good amount of followers on Twitter, currently topping out at 47,137.

‘Wake The Sleeping Dragon!’ track list

  • Inner Vision Explicit Lyrics
  • That Crazy White Boy Shit Explicit Lyrics
  • The Snake (Break Free)
  • Bull’s Anthem
  • Robert Moses Was a Racist Explicit Lyrics
  • Self Important Shithead Explicit Lyrics
  • To the Wolves
  • Always with Us
  • Wake the Sleeping Dragon
  • 2+2 Explicit Lyrics
  • Beef Between Vegans Explicit Lyrics
  • Hardcore Horseshoe
  • Mental Furlough Explicit Lyrics
  • Deep State
  • Bad Hombres Explicit Lyrics
  • Work the System Explicit Lyrics
  • The New Slavery Explicit Lyrics

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