New album out by Rosalía: El Mal Querer

02-Nov-2018: ‘El Mal Querer’, album by Rosalía
Label: Sony Music Entertainment.

Rosalía’s second album was released on the label Sony Music Entertainment and can be found on Spotify. The album has no rating on Last.FM, indicating it is not too popular or it’s just too soon to tell.

This image depicts Rosalía
Image of Rosalía

Since Rosalía began creating music she has released two albums and six singles. Rosalía’s first album ‘Los Ángeles’ from February 2017 was a very popular album, universally loved. Rosalía’s most liked tracks include MALAMENTE – Cap.1: Augurio, PIENSO EN TU MIRÁ – Cap.3: Celos and Brillo.

Rosalía was born in Sant Esteve Sesrovires in September 1993. Rosalía is known for being a singer, cantaor, cantaora and actor. She has a decent amount of Twitter followers, currently numbering 76,221.

List of tracks on El Mal Querer

  • MALAMENTE – Cap.1: Augurio
  • QUE NO SALGA LA LUNA – Cap.2: Boda
  • PIENSO EN TU MIRÁ – Cap.3: Celos
  • DE AQUÍ NO SALES – Cap.4: Disputa
  • RENIEGO – Cap.5: Lamento
  • PRESO – Cap.6: Clausura
  • BAGDAD – Cap.7: Liturgia
  • DI MI NOMBRE – Cap.8: Éxtasis
  • NANA – Cap.9: Concepción
  • MALDICIÓN – Cap.10: Cordura
  • A NINGÚN HOMBRE – Cap.11: Poder

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Album cover for Rosalía's new album: El Mal Querer
Album cover for Rosalía’s new album: El Mal Querer