Robyn announce her 18th album Honey

26-Oct-2018: ‘Honey’, album by Robyn
Label: Cherrytree Records/Kierszenbaum 33%.

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Robyn’s eighteenth album was released on label Cherrytree Records/Kierszenbaum 33% and can be found on Spotify. The album is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it’s not all that popular (or just to soon to tell).

This image depicts Robyn
Image of Robyn

Since Robyn began creating music she has released a whole lot of albums (eighteen total) and two singles. Robyn’s previous album ‘Body Talk’ from February 2017 was quite popular and well received. Some of Robyn’s top hits include Dancing on My Own, Call Your Girlfriend and Fembot.

Robyn was born in Stockholm in June 1979. Robyn is known for working as a singer and songwriter. She has quite a following with now 368465 on Twitter.

‘Honey’ track list

  • Missing U
  • Human Being – Robyn and Zhala
  • Because It’s In The Music
  • Baby Forgive Me
  • Send To Robin Immediately
  • Honey
  • Between The Lines
  • Beach2k20
  • Ever Again

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Album cover for Robyn's new album: Honey
Album cover for Robyn’s new album: Honey