‘White Bronco’ is the 5th album by Action Bronson

01-Nov-2018: ‘White Bronco’, album by Action Bronson
Released on Label: Action Bronson Corp. / EMPIRE.

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The fifth album by Action Bronson is titled ‘White Bronco’ and was just released on label Action Bronson Corp. / EMPIRE and is now available on Spotify. The album is is already very popular among Last.FM users.

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Since Action Bronson began making music he has released five albums and seventeen singles. Action Bronson’s previous album ‘Blue Chips 7000’ from August 2017 was quite popular and well received. Action Bronson is well known for his tracks Baby Blue (feat. Chance The Rapper), Actin Crazy and Easy Rider.

Action Bronson was born in Flushing in December 1983. Action Bronson is known for working as a chef and rapper. He has quite a following with now 342914 on Twitter.

Tracks on White Bronco

  • Dr. Kimble Explicit Lyrics
  • Irishman Freestyle Explicit Lyrics
  • Mt. Etna Explicit Lyrics
  • Live from the Moon (feat. Yung Mehico) Explicit LyricsAction Bronson and Yung Mehico
  • White Bronco Explicit Lyrics
  • Brutal (feat. Meyhem Lauren) Explicit LyricsAction Bronson and Meyhem Lauren
  • Prince Charming Explicit Lyrics
  • Telemundo Explicit Lyrics
  • Picasso’s Ear Explicit Lyrics
  • Ring Ring (feat. Big Body Bes) Explicit LyricsAction Bronson and Big Body Bes
  • Swerve On Em (feat. A$AP Rocky) Explicit LyricsAction Bronson and A$AP Rocky

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Album cover for Action Bronson's new album: White Bronco
Album cover for Action Bronson’s new album: White Bronco