‘Someone I Used To Know’ released by Zac Brown Band

09-Nov-2018: ‘Someone I Used To Know’, single by Zac Brown Band
Record Label: Southern Ground Artists.

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Zac Brown Band’s thirteenth single was just released on the label Southern Ground Artists and can be found on Spotify. The single is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it’s not all that popular (or just to soon to tell).

Even if you have never heard of Zac Brown Band, we want you to know that Zac Brown Band got the Grammy Award for Best New Artist award.

This image depicts Zac Brown Band
Image of Zac Brown Band

Since Zac Brown Band began creating music in 2000 back in Dahlonega in United States of America, they have released nine albums and thirteen singles. Zac Brown Band’s previous album ‘JEKYLL + HYDE’ from April 2015 was a very popular album that was universally loved. Zac Brown Band’s top rated songs include Chicken Fried, Highway 20 Ride and Toes.

Zac Brown Band consists of Clay Cook, John Driskell Hopkins, Zac Brown and Coy Bowles. Zac Brown Band has 1,694,499 followers on Twitter, an impressive amount that speaks to theirZac Brown Band’s popularity.

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Album cover for Zac Brown Band's new single: Someone I Used To Know
Album cover for Zac Brown Band’s new single: Someone I Used To Know