Adam Sandler’s new single is out on Spotify

26-Nov-2018: ‘Phone Wallet Keys’, single by Adam Sandler
Released on Label: Warner Bros..


The fifth single by Adam Sandler is titled ‘Phone Wallet Keys’ and was just released on label Warner Bros. and is now available on Spotify. The single is already getting noticed by Last.FM users.

Even if you have never heard of Adam Sandler, you should know that Adam Sandler has received 3 awards, including the MTV Movie Award for Best Fight, Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actor and Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Screenplay.

Album cover for Adam Sandler's new single: Phone Wallet Keys
Album cover for Adam Sandler’s new single: Phone Wallet Keys

Since Adam Sandler began making music he has released five albums and five singles. Adam Sandler’s previous album ‘Stan And Judy’s Kid’ from September 1999 was quite popular and well received. Adam Sandler’s most loved tracks include The Beating of a High School Janitor, The Thanksgiving Song and At a Medium Pace.

Adam Sandler was born in Brooklyn in September 1966 and was educated at Tisch School of the Arts. Adam Sandler is known for working as a actor, television actor and film actor. He has 2,135,312 followers on Twitter, an impressive number that speaks to his popularity.

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