Russ releases new single titled ‘Just In Case’

23-Dec-2018: ‘Just In Case’, single by Russ
Label: Russ My Way Inc.

Russ’s thirty-eighth single was released on Russ My Way Inc and is now on Spotify. The single is is already quite popular among Last.FM users.

Since Russ began creating music he has released a ton of albums (twelve in total) and thirty-eight singles. Russ’s previous album ‘There’s Really A Wolf’ from May 2017 was very well made and extremely popular. Some of Russ’s top tunes include Missin You Crazy, Losin Control and Psycho, Pt. 2.

List of tracks on Just In Case

  • Nobody Knows Explicit Lyrics
  • Fix This Explicit Lyrics
  • Alright Explicit Lyrics

Russ will be performing at these locations

Jun 01, 2019

Gordon Russ will be performing at Meadow Brook Theatre

Spotify: Play Just In Case now