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Tuesday Feb 05, 2019
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21% discounted: The Who: Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970 [Blu-Ray]

Save 21 percent on this deal, you pay $15.86 (you save $4.12)
Save 21 percent on this deal, you pay $15.86 (you save $4.12)
This new edition of Murray Lerner’s film of The Who’s legendary performance at the 1970 Isle Of Wight Festival features newly restored pictures and remixed sound along with exclusive bonus features to finally give this amazing concert the quality release it deserves. Originally shot on 16mm film, the pictures have been restored to the highest possible quality for this Blu-ray release. Accept no substitute and play it loud!

TRACK LISTING 1) Heaven And Hell 2) I Can’t Explain 3) Young Man Blues 4) I Don’t Even Know Myself 5) Water 6) Medley: Shakin’ All Over/Spoonful/Twist And Shout 7) Summertime Blues 8) My Generation 9) Magic Bus From “Tommy”: 10) Overture 11) It’s A Boy 12) Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker) 13) Christmas 14) The Acid Queen 15) Pinball Wizard 16) Do You Think It’s Alright 17) Fiddle About 18) Go To The Mirror 19) Miracle Cure 20) I’m Free 21) We’re Not Gonna Take It 22) See Me Feel Me / Listening To You 23) Tommy Can You Hear Me?

Bonus Features

Bonus tracks omitted from the original film: (1) Substitute (2) Naked Eye

New 40 minute interview with Pete Townshend
Discount:21 percent (save $4.12)you pay just $15.86
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