Analysis of @adele’s Twitter Usage

Adele’s Twitter Breakdown

We looked at the tweets and habits (although there were not all that many) of the extremely popular Adele (@adele) by analyzing the data looking for trends and insights. In total we examined all (309) tweets @adele has ever posted. All times in this article are in Pacific Daylight Time.

The account dates back to August 2010.

Most Liked and most retweeted Tweet

The Hours

adele’s top day to tweet is Monday and the most active hour is 7 a.m. For the period we examined, the busiest date was December 3, 2010, with a total of 4 tweets.

Weekday/hourly Twitter habits of @adele
Weekday/hourly Twitter habits of @adele

Day of week chart for @adele
Day of week chart for @adele

Analyzing all 309 tweets, Adele tweeted on average every 9.75 days, not often enough in our opinion. Saturday saw five percent or less of the action.

Analysing the past 30 days prior to the most recent tweet (sent December 13, 2018), we can generate this chart showing Adele the tweet frequency.

@adele%27s Tweet Frequency
@adele’s Tweet Frequency

This re-tweet by Adele was the most popular of all the retweets

Adele is embracing the mantra of being a leader by not following a single other twitter user. Very unusual.Adele is trying hard to embrace this mantra, by only following 0 other user (). Adele has an incredible amount of followers (27,858,202 and counting). The most retweeted user was @XLRECORDINGS (6 times).

retweets by @adele
retweets by @adele


Top tags used by @adele were #cleanwaterforall (used five times), #itunesfestival (used three times) and #Wembley which was detected two times.

@adele%27s hashtag usage
@adele’s hashtag usage

Pure Speculation

This is where we engage in total speculation about Adele. Because, why not.

  • Just Tweeting 1 days during the last month, Adele is just not much into Twitter it seems.
  • Assuming each tweet takes 30 seconds to type and send on average, then we can deternine the time spent tweeting over a one-month period is 1 minute (30 seconds times 30 days times 0.10 tweets per day). If we also assume that before the actual tweet takes place, two minutes of thought are spent in thoughtful contemplation about phrasing and possibly locating the perfect image, then the total amount of time spent tweeting and preparing the tweets is 7 minutes monthly.
  • Approximately 88 percent of tweets are sent during the workweek (Mon to Fri). It seems Adele favors weekdays slightly over weekends.
  • 2.86 percent of the 35 tags had a number of upper and lowercase inconsistencies.This is a very consistent tagger that takes great care to get things right.