‘On My Way’ released by Alan Walker

21-Mar-2019: ‘On My Way’, single by Alan Walker
Released on Label: MER Recordings.
The thirty-first single by Alan Walker is titled ‘On My Way’ and was just released on label MER Recordings and is now available on Spotify. The single is already getting noticed by Last.FM users.

This photo depicts Alan Walker
Image of Alan Walker

Since Alan Walker began creating music he has released just one album and thirty-one singles. Alan Walker’s top rated hits include Faded, Darkside and All Falls Down (feat. Juliander).
Alan Walker was born in Northampton in August 1997. Alan Walker is known for working as a record producer, composer and disc jockey. He has 521,168 followers on Twitter, heading towards the million.
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Album cover for Alan Walker%27s new single: On My Way
Album cover for Alan Walker’s new single: On My Way