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Sunday Mar 31, 2019
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14% off: Sophie B. Hawkins – The Cream Will Rise

Save 14 percent on this deal, you pay $12.05 (you save $1.94)
Save 14 percent on this deal, you pay $12.05 (you save $1.94)
Both musical genius and enchanting performer, this singer/songwriter/iconoclast combines imaginative musicianship and rangy vocals with a captivating energy and raw seductiveness that have made her one of the most exciting musicians of the last decade. Since Sophie’s fast rise to stardom in 1992 with the risque hit song Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover, the artists hailed by critics as a modern-day Janis Joplin takes us on a turbulent journey of transformation and self-discovery that gives us a rare glimpse inside her emotionally complex world. This program weaves together Sophie’s powerful and insightful music together with rare concert footage and intimate moments of revelation to create a dark and inspiring moving portrait. Includs over 20 of Sophie’s songs, old and new, as well as footage from her infamously erotic and provocative video.
Discount:14 percent (save $1.94)you pay just $12.05
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