Pink Sweat$’s new single is out on Spotify

28-Mar-2019: ‘Volume 2’, single by Pink Sweat$
Label: Human Re Sources.
The seventh single by Pink Sweat$ is named ‘Volume 2’ and was just released on label Human Re Sources and is now available on Spotify. The single is not yet on Last.FM, indicating it is not too popular or needs some time to get played.

Since Pink Sweat$ began creating music they have released seven singles. Some of Pink Sweat$’s best tracks include Honesty, Cocaine and Would You.

‘Volume 2’ track list

  • I Know
  • Coke & Henny Pt. 1
  • Coke & Henny Pt. 2
  • Your Side
  • Body Aint Me

Take a listen on Spotify