Flying Lotus’s new single is on Spotify

23-Apr-2019: ‘Spontaneous / Takashi’, single by Flying Lotus
Released on Label: Warp Records.
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The twenty-second single by Flying Lotus is titled ‘Spontaneous / Takashi’ and was just released on label Warp Records and is now available on Spotify. The single has already gained some popularity among Last.FM users.

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Since Flying Lotus began creating music he has released a ton of albums (ten combined) and twenty-two singles. Flying Lotus’s previous album ‘You’re Dead! (Deluxe Edition)’ from October 2015 was not widely listened to. Some of Flying Lotus’s top hits include Zodiac Shit, Do the Astral Plane and Clock Catcher.
Flying Lotus was born in Los Angeles in October 1983 and was educated at Academy of Art University. Flying Lotus is known for working as a musician, disc jockey and rapper. He has quite a following with now 498633 on Twitter.

List of tracks on Spontaneous / Takashi

  • Spontaneous – Flying Lotus and Little Dragon
  • Takashi

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Aug 09, 2019

Outside Lands will be performing at Golden Gate Park

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Album cover for Flying Lotus%27s new single: Spontaneous / Takashi
Album cover for Flying Lotus’s new single: Spontaneous / Takashi

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Just for fun, we analysed the top tags Flying Lotus has been using on twitter the most.

Top tags on twitter by Flying Lotus
Top tags on twitter by Flying Lotus