Alert: Deep Discount On Grateful Dead

Wednesday May 15, 2019
Love Grateful Dead? We found one of the best deals out there, so you can spend the time eating chocolates and singing karaoke instead of entering a frantic panic while shouting at your phone. Savings up to 10 percent! You’re welcome.

We can’t guarantee how long this will be in stock at this discount, so don’t dilly-dally.

10% off: The Grateful Dead: View From The Vault

Save 10 percent on this deal, you pay $10.79 (you save $1.20)
Save 10 percent on this deal, you pay $10.79 (you save $1.20)
Reissue of this classic live DVD from the Rock icons. The Grateful Dead – A View from the Vault is over 2-1/2 hours of live concert footage from the historic concert at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, PA in July of 1990. Jerry, Mickey, Bill, Phil, Brent and Bob thrill a packed stadium with the classic performance style that is uniquely their own. This contains both day and night footage, including the first ever video released version of the huge hit “A Touch of Grey”. This DVD version contains over an extra hour of additional footage shot from Cardinal’s Stadium during the same tour.
Discount:10 percent (save $1.20)you pay just $10.79
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