Top Deal For Metallica

Tuesday May 14, 2019
We looked around the interwebs and found this amazing deal on Metallica. Save up to 24 percent on your favorite Metallica product below.

We can’t guarantee how long this will be in stock at this discount, so don’t dilly-dally.

24% off: A Year And A Half In The Life Of Metallica, Part 01 & 02 (DVD)(Amaray)

Save 24 percent on this deal, you pay $7.59 (you save $2.39)
Save 24 percent on this deal, you pay $7.59 (you save $2.39)
Blackened Records is the new label for all of Metallica’s repertoire. The audio for this release is identical to the Elektra counterpart. The tune stacks are also identical.
Discount:24 percent (save $2.39)you pay just $7.59
Click here to orderPrices are subject to change, as is availability.

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